Apr 30, 2010

Parking and Barking

The local bark park is super close, which means Romeo and I go on daily excursions to meet local peeps and their pooches. We've met some real characters, with two and four legs. Most of the time, he's so happy to be out of the apartment nothing can get him down. He runs and poops and sniffs behinds and drools and smiles at everyone. I've turned one of the pockets of my backpack into Romeo's "diaper bag", with plastic bags, paper towels, and treats. Which really comes in handy, because he has the shoestring drool syndrome. Sometimes Shaun comes too, which makes Romeo extra super happy. He always comes with me when we have recycling to drop off too, and starts his happy dancing when he sees me taking it out to the car. I love my step dog!

Apr 28, 2010

St. Paddy's Dinner and other news

Here is a bad pic of our yummy St. Paddy's dinner way back last month. I had fun making boxty for the first time and (ironically?) Shaun proposed that night. We polished off a 12 year old bottle of Jameson's to celebrate. The boxty were a lot like potato pancakes and went really well with the pork roast, baked apples, and cabbage. We had leftover boxty for breakfast. (Side note: I have since resumed my mostly vegetarian diet.)
We left Ohio on February 12 and arrived here on Valentine's Day around 8 p.m. It took a week for our things to arrive by the delivery truck. The whole process of unpacking TONS of boxes, organizing, rearranging and getting settled was stressful on us all and in that time, my camera remained unused. I regret it now, but I was homesick and a little apathetic. The most stressful time of all was probably that first week of sleeping on an air mattress with no other furniture or possessions here and living off takeout.

Shaun's car didn't get here until the end of the week either, so he borrowed mine. So the pets and I were here, with very little to do and no way to get around. Poor Romeo actually got sick, his digestive tract was really messed up for a while. Dee Dee took it all in stride, in fact, she was a real little trooper. After all the reading I did about the impact of stress on rabbits, I was scared that she would have health issues too after driving across the country in a pet carrier. But my bun is nothing if not a tough little cookie. That, and she's easily distracted with alfalfa treats and the occasional Cheerio.

Apr 25, 2010

Today's Forecast: Mostly bunny with a chance of pup!

FINALLY starting to feel settled here. We've been to Nederland, Rollinsville, and of course, Boulder and Denver. I have tons of pics and stories to share, so stay tuned!