Apr 30, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Eyes/Hands

Eyes and hands:

Wise and disapproving Dee Dee Rabbit.

Sensitive Romeo Dog.

Artwork from the NYTimes article on the latest Margaret Atwood novel I finished, The Year of the Flood.

One of our engagement photos.

Apr 14, 2011

CHOW time!

Cheese and rice. It was a come home, put on your fuzzy socks, and eat some chocolate kind of day. I could have sworn I had an Endangered Species chocolate bar stashed in the fridge. But no. I was starting to panic as the chocolate mania took over, but then I remembered coming across this recipe for a microwave brownie from CHOW. I didn't have any vanilla, just almond flavor. My vote is almond and chocolate together are even better than peanut butter and chocolate. Takes all of three minutes to mix and nuke and makes the perfect molten chocolate snack after a long day.

Apr 10, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Stranger/Friend

Have you ever seen a stranger cucumber? Pretty, but strange. And tasty.

Romeo and a stranger stop and sniff.

My rabbit gets along with my husband. Dee sleeps on the floor next to Shaun's side of the bed at night.

That Pigpen of mine is also a good friend of mine.

My brother Jesse and his pooch friend, Orange Juice.

Pigpen and Maggie Dog are pals. Pig gives Mags relaxing licks on the ear.

***The photos of my cat and I, and my brother and his dog, were taken my aunt, Susan McMahon.***