May 28, 2011

Discovered Xavier Rudd

And I love him! I especially like that he plays the digereedoo!! I found this vid over at actime101's Channel.

Hey now
I'm speaking once again
Oh yeah
My name is in your head.

So strange
These people that you have
That's right my friend
It's all just where you're at.

This is how I like to play
This is how I feel these days
This is how I like to play
This is how I feel these days

Take me
Conceal me where you like
You will see it open
From within I will rise.

Like the seasons
Your flavor will die
On and on these people
They'll listen every time.

This is how I like to play
This is how I feel these days
This is how I like to play
This is how I feel these days.

May 21, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Earth/Damp

EARTH: The earth under a tree in the old apple orchard, on Blackberry Farm.

The fungus growing in the damp earth of the manure pile looks like underwater creatures.

My mother's hoop house is almost completed. She's looking forward to having a winter garden.

DAMP: I took these images outside of a clothing store in NYC during a visit this past week. Ironic, because it rained the whole time we were there and the air was damp enough to swim in.

At around midnight the air felt thick and chilly. Buildings disappeared up, up into the gloom.

Times Square on a damp, drizzly Tuesday night in mid-May.

May 10, 2011

Black Beauty or Hercule Poirot?

General Bradley the Paso Fino will be 22 years old this month, on the 16th. This is the Bradlums a week before his b-day, modeling his moustache. For as long as I can remember, and I've known him since he was 2 and a half, his moustache grows in over the winter and sheds out during the early summer. This year, he was especially....moustachey. Love you, old man.

2 Things Challenge: Green/Fresh

Ah, I'm over a day late on this post and it's too late to count for the collage. Poop, I'm sorry! We had a fantastic weekend in Ohio, just chilling on the farm, enjoying the spring weather and being out of the city. But this is the first chance I've had to sit down and organize photos. The forecast said to expect rain all weekend in northeast Ohio, but we lucked out and it was really nice for the most part. Jesse and I went for a walk around the farm on Friday and took in the midwest spring. Every shade of fresh, spring green was everywhere! My mom's cold frame on the corner of the porch:

The crab apple tree behind the house was in full bloom.

Out in the woods, there was soft moss growing under the trees in the old, wild orchard.

And dogtooth violets were growing happily in the damp loam.

The osage orange trees that border the back of the property take their time putting out leaves.

The ferns that have taken over the kitchen garden will make a thick, shady forest for sleepy cats and hens that sneak out of the coop in early summer.

I found a baby maple tree.

May 3, 2011

Our "Backyard"

Romeo and I take walks behind our apartment complex. Some walks are better than others; we have to walk past a small swing set and jungle gym to get to the lake and sometimes there are kids. And kids scare the bejeebus out of poor Romeo. I don't blame him. Kids are loud, smelly, and obnoxious. Anyway, these are from back in October.