Jan 18, 2010

Anxiety is Everywhere

I live in the kushy U.S. and I wake up with the weight of the American guilt complex every day. This past week has been a bunch of sleepless nights spent feeling guilty and helpless, or dreams haunted by images from Haiti. My own issues are trivial. I realize I live a pretty sweet life.

Shaun flew out west on Friday to hunt for apartments. And today, he signed a lease. I am way beyond nervous.

On a happy note, my bro came to visit me this weekend. I hope that kid realizes how much I am going to miss having him live so close. He cheered me up, made me laugh, and made me his special oven baked tofu. He's planning on coming for a visit very soon to our new digs, probably the middle of next month. I'm hoping I can talk the lil' sis into coming too!

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