Aug 14, 2010

Staying with Sarah

Towards the end of this most recent trip to the east, I spent a couple of days with my little sister, up north. Love that girl, wish I saw more of her.

I finally got to meet my feline "niece"! This is Bronte. She's in that awkward teenage stage and totally lanky, big-eared, and growing. I think when she fills out, she's going to be big and panther shaped. She was friendly but aloof. But she snuggled with Sar on the couch several times. Sar rescued her through a friend at work, who saw Bronte being mistreated by neighbors.

This is Doogie, Sar's "wubby" feline. (Wubby is a word my sister invented. I believe it's supposed to mean a combination of adorable, huggable, with a lil muffin top.) The Doogs has quite the array of nicknames. I started calling him "Didgeridooglas". He's been around the block a few times and is pretty street smart. Sar can let him outside and doesn't have to worry that he's going far. She adopted him from our mom, who rescued him when a college student left him in the dorm. His left ear is pierced; at some point before adopting my family, he wore an earring. He likes his catnip and also drinking out of the upstairs sink. I learned he only likes to drink the water when it's dribbling out of the faucet. He was also a professional beggar and I didn't have a chance; he had a small piece of spinach alfredo pizza for dinner. Off my plate.

I loved the house! It was full of nook type rooms and spaces, with built in shelves with glass doors.

Sar and her housemates have interesting colors and artwork up all over too. I recognized a few pieces that are from our grandparents. Do you see the peacock in this bowl?

That's Dad's work over the fireplace.

It was great to see her and spend a nice, relaxing time. We spent a lot of time watching the first season of Legend of the Seeker, which she introduced me to. I got hooked and earlier today, I discovered the second season is playing on the cable network. Craig Horner can't act, but he's still dreamy!

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