Dec 29, 2010

A Rare Shadow

I was really looking forward to the lunar eclipse back on the 20th and I wasn't disappointed. I was watching the clock and running downstairs to look at the sky every five minutes, starting around 11:00 MST. At first, the air was really damp and the moon had a halo of vapor. When I took this photo, the eclipse had actually started, but you can barely make it out.

The first time I was able to get a decent photo was at this point. Got to see the whole thing pretty well, the vapor halo was really only an issue behind the lens. I took this shot at a couple of different angles, just because.

People from everywhere were watching the same thing from different angles. And just look at all the different perspectives! It really was a religious experience for nature and astronomy enthusiasts everywhere.

I wonder how cold an eclipse's shadow is.


  1. Great shots of the eclipse!
    I noticed that you are in this weeks 2 thing challenge: coffee/tea, but can not find your photo entry.

  2. Running a lil late, just posted it! =)


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