Jan 16, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Paint/Corner

In a corner of my living room (and my bedroom and my office), it has recently come to my attention that my elderly bunny has developed a taste for paint chips. So long, deposit.

What is with our pets being so destructive?? We can't seem to catch her in the act. Everytime we hear chewing noises coming from Dee Dee's room I check on her, and she's behaving herself and chewing on her favorite wicker toy or rearranging her cardboard bunny cottage. She has plenty of safe, chewable objects and toys to choose from. But this is still happening.

I haven't noticed any change in her appetite or health, and her pellets are perfectly normal. So whatever she's getting out of this behavior doesn't seem to be harming her health. But I'm currently brainstorming for a way to bunny-proof baseboards, any suggestions you have are very welcome! And the wee culprit is confined to her room.


  1. Wow, great photo's for this weeks 2 thing challenge. Your cute little bunny friend has helped you to take it literally.
    I don't know if it will work on bunnys, but they have this product in the pet stores to stop dogs and cats from chewing on furniture and the such....give it a try. : )

  2. Thank you! I have some pepper spray that is meant to be put on wooden fences to keep horses from chewing. Once I dig that out of the garage, hopefully it will be usable indoors on those corners and discourage her.

  3. Wonder what it tastes like, corner paint that is, not pepper spray. Very good interpretation. We were all very different this week.

  4. Hi!
    Just wanted to tell that I really like your blog :-) And Romeo and Sadie are so cute!


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