Jun 25, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Hoof/Paw

Oh boy, I knew right away I would get carried away with this challenge. I know a lot of people with hooves and paws! I pulled these pics at random from various digital albums. A lot of these pics have faces attached to the hooves and paws.

Here is Mielita last summer about to go on a trailride. She grew up at Blackberry Farm and is the little sister...

...of Corey. Here are Jesse and Corey going for a trail ride around the farm last fall. Corey is very sturdy, but petite, even for a Paso Fino. (So is her Mom, Chiquita = so named for her small stature, NOT after the bananas.) Sure isn't far to the ground if you happen to come off! She's so darn cute.

Here is an old photo of Mielita and I going for a light summer ride around the farm, back in 2003. That face she's making looks like she's about to sneeze, hee hee.

Here are some bunny paws, complete with cottontail.

Bun paws from the front.

Here is Ganoush, peering back at me under the fenceline.

Here is Freya, striking an adorable pose. She really is a natural...

Cheddar catches me spying while he's washing his backside, paw fully extended.

Little Benny, the schnoodle from Fort Wayne, enjoying the late afternoon sun. His paws are small and covered in curls. My Aunt Sue took this pic of her little gray guy and shared it with me.

Buddy lives in Arizona. Here he is, putting his elderly paws up in the living room.

Romeo's back paws, in mid-stretch.  He has dewclaws on his back legs, a mutation.  I'll bet Romeo babies would have had full blown opposable thumbs!

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  1. Wide variety of hoof and paws. Great, and thanks.


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