Oct 30, 2011

Summer Digs

In Ohio, a month and a half ago. My brother picked me up from the airport. On the drive home, we stopped down the street at the summer barn my parents rent from a neighbor for the horses. It's a pretty little hollow with a pond.

The two horse sized building is well ventilated.

Bradley and Nimue were the lucky ones currently on turn out.

They are wearing grazing muzzles, which are taken off when they come in for the night. A horse can drink and breath perfectly well with these on, and they allow the horses to be out on pasture for long periods of time without being able to gobble too much green grass.

There are windows on 3 sides, letting in plenty of fresh air.

These two have been inseparable barn-mates for years.

I smooched Bradley's nose a lot. Nimue doesn't have the patience to let me give her smooches, she prefers having her neck scratched. Look at that smoochable schnoz. In a couple of months, his moustache will have grown in.

Bradley wants to sniff the camera and check it out.

General Bradley, retired Paso Fino show horse and elderly gentleman. He had the fastest largo of any horse in the show ring.

We take off their muzzles and let them graze for a few minutes before we bring them in for their dinner.

They are such sweet, gentle souls. You can see Nimue's dappled coat and leg stripes pretty well in this pic.

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