Dec 22, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Holiday Challenge! Soft/Brilliant

SOFT: This is Glacier. She is a Jersey Wooley bunny who resides at the Bunny Barn where I do volunteer work. She was part of a large confiscation from an animal hoarder this past summer. Here she is snoozing after a big meal of pellets and veggies. She's still a little spooked by human hands coming into her space, but I moved slowly and she let me pet her after I took this photo. Soooo soft!

BRILLIANT: This photo is from The Butterfly Pavilion. I love this scarlet orange color. But I'm not sure what this fellow is. CLICK HERE and check out the different kinds. What do you think it is?


  1. Beautiful butterfly and a soft fluffy bunny. Good choices.

  2. What a softy! And WHAT a butterfly! I've never seen anything like him, not even on the page you linked us to, or any other butterfly ID site I've visited. If you back off and just look at the markings, it looks like some huge alien creature with ferocious pointed teeth. That would scare off a lot of predators!


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