Dec 19, 2009

First Steps

Shaun and I are both bouncing between feeling excited to go, sad to leave, and anxious about the future. Now that we're sure we will really be doing this huge move, I'm trying to focus on the excited part. Change is good, right? I'm looking forward to meeting new, like minded people and exploring all the state parks. Who knows, we could end up with cool characters for neighbors.

I've been thinking ahead to what I'm going to miss the most here and after doing some research, I've managed to reassure myself that there will be health food stores, PLENTY of outdoor places to hike and explore, interesting indie shops, good libraries, good music, and animal shelters to volunteer at, in Denver. I think I'm going to love living near mountains. Yep, I'm definitely on excited mode right now. Feeling impatient, I can't sit still. Going to spend the next few days collecting boxes and starting to empty closets. Wheeee.

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