May 2, 2010

Nederland and The Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival

(Weather today is cold and overcast, with a little wind and sleet earlier. And it's May...)

So back in March, we were feeling adventurous. We decided to head up into the mountains and check out the festival going on in Nederland. We didn't actually get to see Grandpa Bredo, that was a tad pricey. But the whole little town was celebrating and there was a lot to see; hearses driving around dolled up like parade floats, coffins on wheels (there was a race), street performers and people dressed as aliens. It was Nederland's version of the Day of the Dead. Unfortunately the weather was on and off drizzly, so I couldn't always whip out the camera when I wanted to.

This is "frozen turkey bowling" set up on the side of the main street. For the life of me, I just couldn't get this one. This looked more disgusting and wasteful than fun. Is it just me?

This was one of several cute little souvenir shops on the main street. I was a tourist that day, but I spent my moolah on beer.

Here is the co-op. I plan on coming back here whenever we visit the area. They carry local herbs, eggs, and produce, bulk tea and Dr. Bronner's soap! ^-^ I tried to stand directly in front of the shop and take this shot, but at that moment the sun chose to come out.

Beer tent. Mm, Left Hand Brewery beer.

This was the "Polar Plunge". There was a pond on the hill that people were jumping into through the ice. You had to have signed up for it in advance. I remember jumping into Mimi and Opah's pool when we would visit for Christmas in Houston and if you can work up the nerve to jump, it feels really good. One guy that jumped shouted, "I'm alive!" Ah, nothing like a good adrenaline rush.

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