Aug 27, 2011

More of Our "Backyard"

Late summer in central Colorado. The sidewalks are covered with low growing, low moisture plants that make small, pretty patterns for no one in particular.

So many shades of green.

The air smells like brown earth....

....and green water.

An abandoned shopping cart....

....makes an interesting underwater skeleton.

I try to watch my step; some of my neighbors build their homes in the grass.

A view of our neighborhood, facing east.

I love to watch and listen to moving water, but I'm not a fan of being ON the water.

Sunlight on the meadow.


  1. Nice photos....I especially like the one with the shopping cart in the does look like a skeleton!

  2. There is something absolutely creepy about that skeleton shopping cart one. I know it's just a shopping cart, but it gives me the shivers! Nice work!

  3. @ Vivian - thank you! Yeah, it caught my eye and I couldn't stop staring at it. Heh heh, Romeo was afraid of it.

    @ Met Needles - haha, thx! Yeah I agree, there's something eerie about murky dark water.


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