Nov 13, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Wet/Hot

WET: Romeo and I stopped at the pond of an open space park in Thornton. Romeo wanted to go for a dip, but I thought there was too much algae for puppy swimming.

HOT: The paper weight Shaun brought me back from Phoenix reminds me of our visit there. Only the scorpions seemed unaffected by the intense desert heat.


  1. I bet there were lots of frogs or toads at that pond =). Great photo! EKK! at the scorpion! LOL

  2. That's MUCH bigger than the scorpions we have in Alabama, although we seem to have a lot of them around here. The sting from ours feels sort of like a bee sting, but I bet that one is much worse, and I'll bet it feels HOT!


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