Nov 12, 2011

Pond Pictures +

The Sunday after our wedding in Ohio, this past September. The weather was fine and after brunch, some of us wandered over to the old cow pond to enjoy the breeze and the peace of early fall.

The dogs came too, of course. Romeo's farm dog personality is very outgoing.

In mid-gallop, tail flying.

Podunk came too, although his age is catching up with him and he prefers a walking pace.

That guy I married, and his dog.

From left to right: Meredith (my brother's squeeze), my brother Jesse, my cousin Will and my cousin Greg, fishing.

Cousin Hannah, catching up with us.

After an afternoon in the breeze and sun, it was naptime. There was considerable getting up and moving around, snacking on leftovers, and more napping. Elfine takes advantage of Shaun snoozing to cuddle with him.

Play hard, sleep hard.

Maggie passes out while I'm rubbing her tummy.

Benny is so sleepy, he decides to try and take over the chair from my Aunt Sue but then decides her lap makes a great pillow.


"Nayum, num, num"

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