Jul 17, 2011

2 Things Challenge: French/German

For this week's challenge theme I choose....bunnies. I found this adorable little cutie over at the French lop page on the Petscharm blog.

And here is a Grey German Giant bunny. Found this clydesdale sized lagamorph over at the interesting Creepy Animals site. For the record, giant bunnies are NOT creepy, just more to love! My first bun, Newman, was a Flemish Giant. He was a decent size, but nowhere near as big as this rabbit!


  1. Great interpretation! I'd thought of a poodle and a Dachshund, but went with wine instead. Do you know if that monster is really that big, or has this been photoshopped a little?

  2. Hm, I don't know, I've never seen one up close. I've only been around Flemish Giant buns and they're not quite this big. But I've been told this particular breed can get pretty huge!

  3. this is how they look but this is photoshopped ...imagine that a small one if it tries to escape harm you ... but if that one tries to escape will slice his arm ..


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