Jul 18, 2011

Newman, my Newman

No, not this Newman.

Not that Newman.

This was my Newman. Reading about Grey German Giant buns for the last 2 Things Challenge got me thinking about him. He was a chinchilla gray Flemish Giant rabbit. And an adorable goofball. He loved to have fun. The first night I let him stay outside his pen all night long, I woke up with a giant bun face in mine. He was so pleased with himself, he did a giant binky right off the bed.

This is the face Newman made the first and last time he tasted kiwi.

Here he is passed out under the covers...

...after stealing my seat.

Little Bean and Newman almost became housemates. Look how much smaller she is!

Aw, shy on a first date!

Newbs and his Dumboesque ears.


Newbie enjoying a good meal.


Still zonked.

Snoozin' Newbs.

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