Sep 11, 2011

In Ten Years Time

The towers fell ten years ago. I'm seeing and hearing sentimental, "I know where I was ten years ago" stories all over the place today. I don't want to talk about that. But I would like to share an experience I had visiting New York City earlier this year.

During our visit to New York City in May this past spring, we got to visit the Ground Zero Museum. Click on the article below to read about the official Ground Zero photographer, Gary Marlon Suson, and how he's shared his experience. He was inspired after visiting the Anne Frank house. I was there in the fall of 2000, wish I'd had a good camera then. Sigh...

The Museum is located... the meat packing district.

The museum is 1,000 square feet, on the second floor of the building that Suson took rooftop photographs on September 11, 2001.

The space is full of photographs, dioramas, artifacts, quotes, and other images, all numbered. First we watched a short film about the museum...

...then we explored the room and listened to additional information on headphones by entering an artifact's number.

Some artifacts recovered from the south tower. The reflection gives you an idea of the size of the space.

A clock from the south tower...

...that stopped at 10:02 and 14 seconds, when the plane hit.

A 3D image, with rubble from the pit.

"Let Us Understand Each Other"

"Genesis 11 - The Tower of Babylon"

We're all looking for meanings in this. So...why? Why do things like this happen? A massive failure of communication? A massive lack of understanding each other? Where do you go for the answers? Some people choose to address God with these questions.

It wasn't only two legged people involved.

Sirius, along with other dogs and humans, died from exposure to breathing the Ground Zero ash.

This dog was in a lower section of the south tower with her handler when the building collapsed.

There were a lot of images and stories to take in. We had 3 hours. It was intense.

Here are some photos from Ground Zero itself, May, 2011.

The preview site, on the corner.

St. Paul's Chapel.


  1. An epic post on an epic subject... the stopped clock reminded me of a photo of a watch that stopped in Hiroshima the instant the bomb went off there. The things people do to each other...

    Wanted to thank you also for your visit and comment... was wondering if you have read The Ebony Tower, by John Fowles, there is a character named Mouse in it...

    1. Hello Owen! Good grief, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I haven't read The Ebony Tower, but it is on my list now and I can't wait to read about Mouse. Thanks for visiting!


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