Sep 10, 2011

Vegetarian Crab Cakes

Last night's dinner was yummy. I made a batch of pan sauteed swiss chard, with lots of pot liquor to soak up with garlic toast. (And little Dee Dee had some fresh chard for dinner too.) Mmm.

I also tried my hand at The Vegan Ronin's crab cake recipe. I tinkered with it, adding a little more old bay seasoning than called for and a dash of Frank's Hot Sauce. Because of the way the last two batches of bean burgers I've made turned out (mushy, refried beans), I also altered the recipe to be vegetarian instead by adding two eggs to help hold them together, just in case. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl first, then add them to the mix. Very awesome and super easy. Thanks Jhenn!

I picked up this saucepan at a garage sale for 25 cents. It doesn't like to stand up by itself, so I had to prop it up to make the garlic butter.

Served with Veganaise and homemade garlic toast. Healthy and taaaasty!

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