Jul 15, 2010

At Grassy Treeland Farm

Last month, I went to dinner with my folks and my aunts Sue and Jackie at the home of Annie and Russell Taub. They live on a nearby farm, where they raise ducks and chickens, and keep a hoop house and garden. They are the couple that adopted Schmoo, the dog Shaun and I rescued in Columbus. (They call her Sheila.)

Sheila Schmoo face. I think she has Cardigan Welsh Corgi in her.

She has lots and lots of room to run around with their other dog, Murray.

My dad and Annie's rooster, duking it out.

Some other faces on Annie and Russ's farm.

It's Arthur Jones Cat! Annie adopted him from my mom. Heh heh, Arthur always wanted to be a house cat. He wasn't allowed inside while living at my folks' farm because he'd bully my mom's elderly indoor cat, Kafka.

Their deck was shady and peaceful. And their bird feeders attract a wide variety.

Dinner was delicious, the weather was wonderful, and it was an enjoyable visit.

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