Jul 5, 2010

A Summer Day's Indoor Gardening

The weekend went by very fast. Saturday I repotted all my plants, which include mostly veggies and herbs, and one poor little pansy plant that I haven't taken good care of. It stormed off and on, the clouds looked like sheep fleeces.

The spearmint got the big blue pot, I hope it takes off with all that room.

The same with my sage.

The tomatoes are still blight free, but I'm hoping they'll be okay if I leave them on the deck. They're temperamental, but I'll be happy if I just get one tiny fruit from each plant.

My poor pepper plant is a runt, but he's so teeny and cute!

Butterleaf lettuce and bok choy.

Three different kinds of basil. That's right, because you can never have too much homegrown basil. (Especially when it's your bun's favorite herbal snack.)

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