Jul 6, 2010

A Full Rich Day

Father's Day, June 20th. We (my da, my ma, my Aunt Jackie, and I) went over to Wooster for a Father's Day dinner with some family friends that evening last month here. It had been a busy, get up and go day on the farm. I rode some horses and gave them each a bath. Jackie had fun breaking in the new tiller.

My parental units. Cute, eh?

My da's profile.

Family and friends and food.

I had a grilled chicken with avocado sammich on divine homemade multigrain bread, with homemade chips. I was pretty full, but couldn't resist trying the Bananas Foster. Num num!

Peaceful dusk from my bedroom window. In the lane of tall pines on the east side of the house, the wind made sounds like the sea in sand. And from the pond nearby, came the bullfrogs' deep, slow, bass voices.

My mother's familiar, Elfine (elf-EEN) knows what pillows are for and has no qualms about stealing mine.

Good night!

Sweet dreams, Elfie!

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