Jul 1, 2010

Some random ramblings, music, and a recipe

What a day for daydreaming. I had a good one folks, hope you did too. I'm restless to get back to Ohio, I'm already looking forward to it. I made squash risotto for dinner. It was yummy. I LOVE arborio rice! Depending on what you cook it with, it can be a meal in itself. I loosely followed this recipe for liquid measurements, and then pretty much did what I wanted on the rest of it. I used fresh sage for the first time off my indoor plant, yay! And I used more lemon juice than it called for, skipped the salt and cheese altogether. I had two lovely and very ripe and very beautiful green and yellow and orange acorn squash, which I forgot to take pictures of. D'oh! Here are the rinds though. I feel ashamed of just tossing them, this is where chickens would come in handy. This would be a chicken feast!

We had a fab time at back to back Tool concerts at Red Rocks earlier this week. But I wasn't allowed to bring my camera in. And the security people were HARSH: if they caught someone taking a pic with their phone, they'd mark the person on the hands as a first warning. We watched it happen to two different couples near us. Laaaame. Maynard's such a tool. (Ah ha ha ha, I'm a nerd.)

I made a boo boo when saving the pics from the Peacemakers concert we went to in Ft. Collins at the end of May. In my defense, I'd been drinking tequila and apparently thought that made a great time to edit the pics on my camera. Oops. Oh well, here's what survived that episode:

A neat little indie shop we stopped at.

A sweet poster inside the venue.

The venue was the Aggie Theatre. Roger and the band were running an hour late! But when their van passed the line out front, everyone cheered. I don't like crowds in general, but when it's a crowd of people grooving to music (or about to be grooving), then I'm not bothered. There's something pretty spiritual about crowds like that. I'd give every tooth in my head to have caught Woodstock. Le sigh.

It was a pretty day, there was color everywhere. Sometimes you have to really look for it, in the city. But it's there, wild and landscaped.

Roger's a hunk. Wish I hadn't drunkenly ERASED the sweet video I took of him and the band. Oh well, check this one out:

I'm off to finish the chapter I'm reading and hit the hay. Sweet dreams!

UPDATE: Christine's recipe looks fab too!

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