Jul 5, 2010

July 4th

We spent the red, white and blue holiday with John's family in Golden. It was so nice of them to have us and they were a clan of sweet people. There were babies, puppies, and sparkly fire hazards. Meet Brooklyn! I wanted to just nibble on those little cheeks!

Little Gracie was the energetic shi tzu. She was on clean up duty when a hot dog was dropped, inspected the fence when the neighbor's dog barked, and was available whenever someone needed a dog to pet. What a trooper!

Tuffy was the elderly poodle mix. You could tell he'd done this before, he knew where to be when the food was going around.


Get a load of this little playhouse. I couldn't get a good front on pic of it, but you get the idea. So stinkin' cute, with little flower boxes, little shingles on the roof, a little dutch door, little window shutters, and even a little weathervane! ^-^

I made fruit kebabs (not an actual recipe, but the secret to fresh fruit kebabs is lemon juice and at least an hour chilling in the fridge!) and walnut brownies for the shindig. I cheated and used boxed mix (so no recipe here either!) to save time. But for the record, it was Ghirardelli chocolate.

It was a good time and fun to meet new people. John's mother and father, Denise and John Sr., are going to have us down to Colorado Springs sometime, and Romeo is welcome too. The rain didn't stop some people from busting out the big fireworks, and we could see most of the finale from a local park from our deck when we got home. Romeo was so hysterical from all the loud noises that I gave him some melatonin hidden in a piece of cheese and he snored when he slept.

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